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North-Palm-Beach-Hurricane-Shutter-Company-300x168North Palm Beach is an incorporated village in Palm Beach County, Florida, United States. The population was 12,015 at the 2010 census.*


If you live in North Palm Beach, you understand what we mean when we speak of the importance of having storm shutters when we are subject to hurricane force winds.


Hurricanes, flash floods, and high wind storms come often and cause much damage to homes in our area.


Homeowners and business owners do a lot to avoid the risk of property damage, but the best investment to protect your home is installing storm shutters over windows.


At Expert Shutter Services, we repair and install storm shutters for Floridian homeowners and businesses and have been since 1986.


We install:

  • Accordion shutters
  • Bahama shutters
  • Colonial shutters
  • Hurricane shutter repairs


Mechanical systems need regular maintenance and this is no different for storm shutters, so be sure they’re working right before an emergency happens and you need them.


They should receive the proper attention at least once a year or more.  Our servicemen can fix, repair, or maintain your storm shutters.



Accordian Shutters and Hurricane Panels in North Palm Beach


Accordian shuters are manufactured to offer you the ability to protect and secure your home, completely shielding all of your windows regardless of the shape of your building.  They slide on rollers horizontally to cover a window or series of windows. This is one of the few options for curved windows or other odd shaped areas


Rolling Storm Shutter System in North Palm Beach


Expert Shutter Services, Inc. is proud to manufacture and install one of the most notable storm shutter systems available, the Nautilus Rolling Storm Shutters.


Whatever your choice in storm shutters, it’s important that your home or business is protected with quality storm shutters.


When you are looking for new shutters that not only enhance the look of your home but also add security and safety, we’ll make sure you receive excellent professional services and find the shutters that are perfect for your home, your tastes, and your budget.


Don’t wait until you find yourself facing devastating wind or water damage during the next major storm.  With Expert Shutter Services, you can rest easy knowing you have excellent protection with quality storm shutters.


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If you are looking for a North Palm Beach Hurricane Shutter Company then please call 772-871-1915 or complete our online request form.

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