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How Storm Shutters Offer Year-Round Protection

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How Storm Shutters Offer Year-Round ProtectionEveryone living through a hurricane in Palm City knows what it’s like to survive the destructive forces of nature, but what about being prepared for other situations during the year like theft and vandalism? The right kind of storm shutters can offer safety and security, which is something everyone in Palm City needs.

Not all hurricane shutters offer year-round protection for a home. Accordion style rolling shutters deploy quickly and are the most effective way to protect a Palm City house. They offer the ultimate in-home safety and security all year long. Here’s why and how.

Storm Shutters Protect Your House During Hurricanes

The accordion style rolling shutters are made to fit large, wide openings like patios, balconies, and front porches. They are also often installed over front and back exterior doorways. As this style of storm shutter deploys, it completely encases the area in a solid high-performance steel. Take a look at the Nautilus Rolling Shutter System, the ultimate in safety and security protection for your home and family during storms.

After The Hurricane, Storm Shutters Protect Your Home From Theft

As you well know, your Palm City house needs to be protected from vandals, thieves, and looters after a destructive tropical cyclone or hurricane. Once the storm calms, the power’s out for weeks, and people start panicking about food and water, you never know what they’re capable of.

Just as storm shutters protect a commercial building from vandalism and theft every day, they can also keep your home safe after a storm or anytime you need to leave home for business or a vacation.

Remote Control Storm Shutters Make Your Whole House A Safe Room

Let’s say you and your family successfully rode out a hurricane that hit full force in Palm City but afterward vandals or thieves try to break into your house through a window or door. Imagine their surprise when you push a button and the storm shutters lower down like a solid steel cage right in their face.

Accordion style storm shutters can be installed to protect before and after hurricanes as well as any other time you need to protect your home or family. They can be installed to close off your doors and windows, and they can be outfitted with a wireless operating system that gives you full control over the safety of your home even when you’re away. All year long, your entire Palm City house can be your family’s safe room.

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