Bahama & Colonial Shutters

Bahama & Colonial Shutters add an alluring accent to your home, providing a touch of classic beauty.

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Rolling Shutters

Our patented Nautilus Rolling Shutters, hand operated or motorized, provide the ultimate in hurricane protection and security.

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Nautilus Shutter/Screen Combination

The Nautilus Shutter/Screen Combination is a excellent choice for the outdoors.

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Accordion Shutters

Accordion Shutters deploy quickly and easily. This reliable style is one of our most popular shutter selections!

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Hurricane Panels

Hurricane Panels are the most cost effective way to protect your property from wind and harmful storm damage.

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Your Hurricane Shutter Experts on The Treasure Coast


The professionals at Expert Shutter Services know what it takes to keep your home safe during tropical storms and hurricanes. Unfortunately, natural disasters are inevitable throughout Florida, so it is important that you and your property are prepared to weather the storm as safely as possible. Whether you choose storm panels, bahamas, colonials, accordions, or rolling shutters our superior products will help protect your assets.

Watch the construction of the new 25,000 square foot Expert Shutter Manufacturing facility dedicated to producing the highest quality hurricane protection products.

Residential Hurricane Shutter Installation Professionals

residential-hurricane-shutter-installation-professionalsOur skilled hurricane shutter installation professionals will complete your job quickly and efficiently. All of our installers are Expert Shutter Services employees who have been specially trained to install your shutters to meet the exacting specifications of the Florida Building Code. As Expert Shutter Services employees, they have all had background checks for your protection and wear apparel that identifies them as part of our professional installation team. We never send unidentified sub contractors to work at your home. Read More


Shutter Repair & Maintenance Services

shutter-repair-and-maintenance-servicesFor all systems, old and new, it is important to inspect your equipment and maintain your shutters on an annual basis. Our troubleshooting and shutter care professionals will review your hurricane protection systems and ensure that they remain in top working order year in and year out. Read More


Why You Should Choose Us For Your Hurricane Shutter Needs on Florida’s East Coast

Expert Shutter Services, Inc., has been the premier hurricane shutter company on the Treasure Coast since 1986. Our main concern has always been protecting Florida residents from the ravages of hurricanes and tropical storms. We have been the industry leader in providing quality service and installation as well as in designing new, innovative products to improve the performance of hurricane protection devices. We are the company homeowners trust to install their shutters properly and to be there to provide any needed service year after year. Read More


Nautilus Rolling Shutter Dealership Opportunities Available Worldwide

opportunities-for-wholesale-hurricane-shutter-purchasesOur patented Nautilus Rolling Shutter System is the most compact rolling shutter in the world! Nautilus shutters are available in sizes up to 120 sq. ft., that can be operated by hand, and can also be motorized in any size up to 20 feet wide with no storm bars and convenient remote controls. Click on the “Become A Nautilus Dealer” button for more information.
Become A Nautilus Dealer


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If you are looking for a quality hurricane shutter system on the Treasure Coast then please call 772-871-1915 or complete our online request form.

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