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Revolutionizing Hurricane Protection: The Ultrashield Fabric by Expert Shutter Services

In the realm of hurricane protection, one name stands out above the rest: Expert Shutter Services. With their groundbreaking Ultrashield Fabric, they have redefined the standards of visibility, durability, and aesthetics in hurricane screens. Developed through a collaboration between Expert Shutter Services and Twitchell, a leading screen supplier, this proprietary blend of specialized fibers offers unparalleled protection without compromising on visual clarity.

What Is Ultrashield?

Let’s delve into the innovative features and benefits of Ultrashield that set it apart from the competition.

Unrivaled Visibility:

At the heart of Ultrashield is its commitment to providing unparalleled visibility. Unlike traditional hurricane screens that obstruct views, Ultrashield offers a clarity comparable to standard insect screens. Whether you’re enjoying the scenic view from your home or monitoring the storm’s progression, Ultrashield ensures that your visibility remains uncompromised. With this level of clarity, you can have peace of mind knowing you’re protected without sacrificing your view.

Aesthetic Excellence:

In addition to its exceptional visibility, Ultrashield sets a new standard for aesthetic appeal. Designed to eliminate unsightly bulges, wrinkles, or stitches, this fabric exudes a seamless elegance. The exclusive self-tensioning track system ensures that the screen remains taut throughout its lifespan, maintaining its pristine appearance even in the face of harsh weather conditions. Unlike other hurricane screens that hang loosely to absorb impacts, Ultrashield undergoes rigorous real-life testing to ensure it remains steadfast against the forces of nature.

Reliable Performance:

Ultrashield isn’t just about looks—it’s engineered for performance and reliability. During extensive testing, including HVHZ (Miami Dade) and NONHVHZ (Florida Building Code) criteria, Ultrashield demonstrated unparalleled resilience. One common failure in hurricane screens is the bottom bar coming out of the tracks under pressure. However, with Expert Shutter Services’s aluminum end retention system, this issue is effectively addressed. The patented self-leveling feature of the bottom bar further enhances its stability, compensating for uneven surfaces with ease. With Ultrashield, you can trust that your home is protected, even in the most challenging conditions.

Innovative Operation:

Expert Shutter Services goes above and beyond by offering versatile operation options for Ultrashield. While many hurricane screens require complex motorized systems, Ultrashield can be effortlessly deployed by hand, thanks to its spring-loaded design. This manual operation option not only makes Ultrashield more accessible but also eliminates the need for costly electrician services. For added convenience, Ultrashield is also available with gear-operated or motorized units, providing flexibility to suit various preferences and budgets.

Protect Your Property

In conclusion, Expert Shutter Services’s Ultrashield Fabric redefines the paradigm of hurricane protection. With its unrivaled visibility, aesthetic excellence, reliable performance, and innovative operation, Ultrashield stands as the pinnacle of design and functionality in the industry.

By addressing the flaws and shortcomings of existing products, Expert Shutter Services has created a solution that offers comprehensive protection without compromise. We offer more than just hurricane shutter service and repair or hurricane panels. Choose Ultrashield for peace of mind and unparalleled hurricane protection “BY DESIGN.”

Engineering Details

Ultrashield Engineering Details PDF

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