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The Best Hurricane Shutters for Indian River Shores

Indian River Shores Hurricane Shutter CompanyInclement weather is an unfortunate reality in Indian River Shores and for this reason protections must be put into place. Hurricanes bring strong winds that whip debris, hail and other hard objects at high velocities that can easily damage a building’s most vulnerable surface; its windows. The most effective way to protect your windows is with quality hurricane shutters from Expert Shutter Services.

Expert Shutter Services has proudly provided Indian River Shores home and business owners with the best in hurricane shutter protection since 1986. We can assure the quality of our shutters because we actually manufacture our own rolling shutters and accordion shutters and we only work with the finest manufacturers of colonial and Bahama shutters. Our technicians are professionally trained and can quickly and accurately install your hurricane shutters so you can enjoy peace of mind as soon as possible. That is why we are the preferred choice in Indian River Shores for hurricane shutters.


Roller & Accordion Shutters for Total Protection in Indian River Shores

At Expert Shutter Services we use the highest quality extruded aluminum in the production of our hurricane shutters. Our shutters are impact tested and conform to rigorous standards to ensure they faultlessly protect your property from the worst weather.

Our accordion shutters can slide around any shaped windows or windowed area, including curved windows. These shutters are perfect for storm protection on hard to get to or odd shaped portions of your building. Our Nautilus Rolling Shutter System is the number one shutter system for storm protection as well as security. This compact shutter system rolls tightly onto a center reel, minimizing obscuring of aesthetics. When it is retracted, the slats form an impenetrable barrier to both storm debris as well as unlawful entry. Retraction can be motorized or hand powered with ease since the center reel is designed to provide a smooth rolling experience.


Indian River Shores’s Most Beautiful Bahama & Colonial Shutter Systems

Indian River Shores home and business owners that would like to provide their building with storm protection while keeping the aesthetics intact may want to consider Bahama or colonial shutters. These beautiful shutters operate like normal window dressings, offering color and enhancement to the design while also protecting windows.

Bahama shutters hinge at the top and prop up like an awning allowing in light and breeze. This louvered exterior shutter can be any color and custom made to really complement your décor. When closed, Bahama shutters easily latch to the window frame and create a very durable barrier between debris and your windows. Colonial shutters latch on the outside sides and close inward when in use. When opened, they offer an unobstructed view through the window and provide a classic and beautiful aesthetic.


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If you are looking for a Indian River Shores Hurricane Shutter Company then please call 772-871-1915 or complete our online request form.

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