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The Best Bahama Shutters Available

Bahama Shutter InstallationBahama shutters are highly effective in protecting windows from breaking during severe weather. These shutters hinge at the top of the window and are installed on an angle, like an awning, to let sunlight in. This functionality makes them a popular choice in Treasure Coast because they offer the superior protection of storm shutters but still function much like regular shutters.

Expert Shutter Services has proudly provided expert Bahama shutter installations for homes and businesses on the Treasure Coast since 1986. Our installation technicians are professionally trained and highly skilled, capable of installing your shutters quickly and accurately. In no time at all you’ll have ultimate storm protection but they still function, and look like, regular decorative Bahama shutters. That is why we are the preferred choice on the Treasure Coast for Bahama shutters.


Why People Prefer Bahama Shutters

Bahama shutters are unique storm shutters in that they only protect individual windows. Unlike roller systems that can be outfitted to cover sections of your building including doors, Bahama shutters are much more similar to traditional shutters. They easily affix to the outside of the building covering your windows. They are louvered shutters and operate much like an awning window in that they prop open to create shade for the window. This gives you the opportunity to control natural light flow whenever the shutters aren’t in use for storm protection.

When a storm does arise, Bahama shutters are easy to retract and secure to your window without assistance. They are durable and highly resistant to flying debris and other storm hazards. They can be any color you desire so customization is also an option. This means you can choose Bahama shutters that complement your design, making them appear to be a window treatment rather than storm protection.

At Expert Shutter Services we only work with the finest manufacturers of Bahama shutters. When you purchase Bahama shutters from us, you can rest assured that you are getting the best protection for the best price.

When you are ready for an attractive way to protect your property from hurricanes and severe storms, call Expert Shutter Services for Bahama shutter installation.


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