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Rolling vs. Accordion Shutters; Your Options in Jensen Beach

Jensen Beach Hurricane Shutter CompanyIf you own a home or business in Jensen Beach, you have to consider hurricane protection. It is a fact of life and inevitability that you will be faced at some point with the potential for storm damage. When considering storm protection, hurricane shutters are a popular choice. There are many to choose from that vary in protection capabilities as well as aesthetics. Two choices that can be seen on many buildings in the area are rolling shutters and accordion shutters.

Expert Shutter Services manufactures and installs the best rolling and accordion shutters you can find on the market. We use the highest quality extruded aluminum to make the strongest and most durable shutters possible. Our shutters undergo rigorous testing, including a missile test to prove their strength. Our installation technicians are also professionally trained and possess the skills and specialized equipment necessary to quickly and accurately provide a proper install. That is why we are the number one choice in Jensen Beach for rolling and accordion hurricane shutters.


The Nautilus Rolling Shutter System for Storm Protection as Well as Security in Jensen Beach

At Expert Shutter Services we take pride in our flagship product, the Nautilus Rolling Shutter System. This rolling shutter is designed to be extremely compact, rolling up to only a few inches, while providing massive protection. Our Nautilus System is missile impact tested as well as tested for forced entry to ensure that nothing, whether it be storm debris or a criminal, can penetrate these shutters. That makes them perfect for both hurricane protection as well as security. The rolling mechanism is smooth and requires no large amount of strength so the shutters open and shut simply. Because of their compact size when retracted, they don’t obscure aesthetics greatly. The Nautilus System is ideal for homes, storefronts and countertops. The slats of these shutters are positioned in a way that the system remains in good condition for years while providing an impenetrable barrier to the outside world when closed.


Accordion Shutters Fit Any Shape Window in Jensen Beach

Accordion shutters offer protection in much the same way as rolling shutters, but roll on a wheel track horizontally. Affixed to the outside of your window, this horizontal track makes it possible to provide curved windows with protection. For jutting areas or odd shaped windows, the track can be installed at angles and curves that other shutter systems cannot manage.

When closed, accordion shutters provide the same massive protection as rolling shutters. Expert Shutter Services’s accordion shutters are also manufactured with the same high quality extruded aluminum, ensuring your Jensen Beach home or business is safe from storms as well as criminal activity.

For maximum protection and security in Jensen Beach, Expert Shutter Services has the strongest and longest lasting hurricane shutters around.


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